Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have found a DELSEY luggage equipped with a Unique Identification Code plate. How can I contact the owner?

Go to "Report found luggage" and enter the code printed on the plate. Fill in the contact form by submitting your contact details so that the owner of the item can contact you.

Is the registration of Unique Identification Code free of charge?

It is 100% free of charge. Please sign up here.

What is DELSEY Unique Identification Code?

The code is used to identify a specific DELSEY product. If you lose your luggage, the person who found it can get in touch with you through this code.

I sold my luggage with a registered Unique Identification Code. Can I transfer the registration to the new owner?

Please delete the entry. After that, the code can be re-registered by the new owner.
Why do I have to agree with the Terms & Conditions of RegProtect, if I want to use DELSEY Unique Identification Code service?

DELSEY co-operates with RegProtect to provide the DELSEY Unique Identification Codeservice. RegProtect is a specialized security platform to register your belongings.

In order to use the DELSEY Unique Identification Code service you must therefore accept the Terms & Conditions of RegProtect. This is 100% free of charge.