Public Register of Processing Information

The Unique Identification Code service is based on the RegProtect security plattform. This is why the RegProtect privacy policy apply for this service.
RegProtect is a service provided by Qlient GmbH

1. Name of the responsible entity:
Qlient GmbH

2. Represented by:
Patrick Soulier, managing director
Sebastian Steffens, managing director
Supervisor for security of information technology and data processing:
Sebastian Steffens

3. Address of the responsible entity:
Puettkampsweg 8, 22609 Hamburg, Germany

4. Purpose of Collection, Processing and Usage of Data:
The mission of Qlient is the consulting of companies and the delivery of services, especially on marketing subjects and value-added services.
The purpose of the security platform operated under the brand "RegProtect(tm)" is the registration of valuable objects by users with the objective of an improved security in case of loss and/or theft of these objects combined with the marketing and distribution of corresponding security and finder services.
The collection, processing, transfer and usage of personal data is carried out to achieve the afore-mentioned purposes.

5. Affected persons/ groups and relevant data or data category:
Customer data, data of employees and data of suppliers or other business partners if those are required for the purposes described under number 4.
On your request, we will of course inform you in which process or service your data is potentially stored and which data is stored or processed.

6. Recipients or categories of recipients to whom data can be disclosed:
Public or government institutions if required by law; internal departments or affiliated companies if they are contributing to the execution of the corresponding business processes. External contractors will receive data only according to § 11 BDSG.
If customers give their consent, customer data can be provided to partner companies for marketing purposes.

7. Rules for the deletion of data:
The legislator has passed numerous regulations regarding storage obligations and terms. After the end of these terms the corresponding data will be routinely deleted. If data is not affected by legal storage regulations, it will be deleted as soon as the purposes listed in number 4 are no longer effective, at the latest however five years after the end of the contractual relationship.

8. Planned data transfer to a third party country:
A transfer to third party countries outside of the EU is not planned

The Data Protection Commissioner Qlient GmbH